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Celebrate . . .

 . . .  Your Inner Strength and Sexiness



We tried something new at the Beauty Bar on Friday. We asked each woman to tell us what their inner beauty meant to them, and how we could help them bring it out. Not surprisingly, at the start of the discussion, many women felt challenged—maybe even pressured by the M word—to whip up a gourmet meal, renegotiate their salaries, and drop  a size in their favorite denims all in one fell swoop. Society’s pressure to become a weird blow-up doll or some kind of sexual fantasy figure is astounding. We all sort of laughed wildly at the fact that our lives might be “perfect” if we could only dump our entire wardrobes, bat our eyelashes, and develop some kind of sultry purr.

But you did use words like “sexy,” “confident,” “strong,” “mature,” “calm,” “able to hold an intelligent conversation,” “feeling good about myself,” “desirable,” “happy,” “flirty,” “fun,” “easy,” “flexible,” and “in control.” One girl even used the word “evolved.” Wow.

We talked about the fact that learning to be sexy and strong (a supervixen, to coin a term) is a process. It’s about learning to be a more confident, self-loving, and self-accepting version of who you already are. The benefit of spending time on yourself (doing your hair, toning your abs, engaging in one scary thing each day) is not so that you can strut across the room naked in stillettos or do a triple backflip (though we’ll take that!). It’s simply that you will feel sexier. It doesn’t matter if that’s you flirting at the club, you dishing at the coffee bar, or you twittering for a few hours on the couch by yourself with your enzyme mask and cotton between your toes. Because if you feel beautiful and strong inside, you’ll exude beautiful and strong to the world, and the world will respond accordingly. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to feeling great about yourself. All of you who left that day—whether you had a quick blow out, sampled our new green-tea elixir, or traded one of your lightly worn T-shirts for another babe’s in our clothing exchange—left thankful for finding an excuse in the Beauty Bar to take a moment for yourselves.

The kind of vixen you create is entirely up to you. Not your girlfriends, not your significant other, not your mother, not your guru, not even the authors of self-help books. We support you all for claiming your  life.

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Rapunzel, Look Out!

Want hair straight out of a fairytale? Clip on these natural extensions.

Giddy-Up, Pony Girl!

Giddy-Up, Pony Girl!

That Rapunzel. Gorgeous, flowing locks, never a split end, and a prince who wouldn’t let go. Well, Sister Golden Hair, you’ve got competition. We’ve found a way to get our own princess-perfect manes in minutes. Superstar Hollywood stylists Janine Rath-Thompson and Nicole Venable have cast their hairy–er, fairy wands upon Starlox, their all-natural (European-sourced) and surprisingly affordable line of DIY extensions. Try these on for size:

Hair chandeliers–Puny ponytail? These extenders wrap through your existing pony and “blow it up.” See one on Sandra Bullock in The Proposal.

Shocklox–Feeling wild? Do what the American Idol contestants do: Snap on one of these rainbow extensions. Bubblegum pink, tangerine, or grape, anyone?

The “Ring of Fire”–Get tressed up by clipping on a full ring of extra length that hides under your own hair. 

So, Rapunzel, now it’s your turn to measure up.

To order yours today, go to http://www.starlox.com

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Vixen Inferno


Female superheroes. Superheroines. Supervixens. Femme Fatales. Uber-vamps. Supertramps.

They have a seemingly impossible  job on the pages of those comics and on the silver screen. While it’s perfectly acceptable for Wolverine to resemble a wild animal, Sue Storm must look great when freeing hostages from a 40-story-building which, by the way, is on fire and has a hidden bomb inside that is set to detonate in 12 minutes.

 But warrior women like Ms. Storm—from Wonder Woman to Elektra to Xena to Ripley to Mrs. Smith—have won a die-hard fan following among women in the last decade because, in addition to being sexy, they are strong, in control, smart, and successful. Lara Croft may have originated as pure male fantasy—a buxom video game character with impossible proportions—but on the big screen, she is, as one critic put it, “erudite, well-traveled, a working photojournalist, and goes home at night to a house worthy of Architectural Digest.”

 It is too simplistic to dismiss contemporary comic books and their depictions of women as unrealistic or sexist. In the most provocative storylines, beauty is more than physical appearance, it always involves inner strength and moral fortitude.  And, extremes of the superheroine as sex object aside, over the course of the last 50 years supervixens have—like real-life women—clawed their way from one-dimensionality to prominence. 

 Join our sultry sirens on the catwalk of life.  Tell us which vixens inspire you and why.


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Heroine Addiction

We’re addicted. Our heroines are over the top, and we love ’em all! Those little minxes know how to get down and dirty and do a job right! They reinvent whatever their hearts desire—they are fearsome, fearless, whip-smart, tempestuous, shocking, and torrent.  How do you relate?bullseye-comic-sv-001

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Green with Envy

Why do you have to have it?plantshades

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Born in the USA

In the last week, this was my most patriotic moment . . . american-kitten

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Marilyn Pumping Iron, 1952

Marilyn Pumping Iron, 1952

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

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While Catwoman is the unquestionable queen of catfights—she’s mixed it up with everyone from Lois Lane to Batgirl to Sharon Stone!—some of her sinister sisters have sharpened their claws and embraced their inner witches for comics’ greatest grudge matches. Next time you get into it with your closest girlfriend, remember how these colorful divas left their mark:

Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman: From her early days as a pampered rich girl in feline-spotted “pajamas” to her current incarnation as a werewolf-like cat-woman, the Cheetah has meted out revenge against the Amazon Princess since 1943. With the strength and cunning of a jungle cat, this supervixen even eliminated her competition—a male Cheetah—to keep Wonder Woman as her exclusive territory.


Deathbird vs. Ms. Marvel/Binary: Forget claws—Deathbird of Marvel’s Shi’Ar Empire has deadly talons, which can slice through glass . . . plus her 18-foot wingspan and ability to bench press 6 tons makes her one formidable femme. While Deathbird has allied with the X-Men, she has not gotten along with the superheroine Ms. Marvel, their enmity dating back to their first clash in 1977 and continuing on to the do-gooder’s later identity of Binary. 


• Blackfire vs. Starfire: With a name like Komand’r, is it any wonder that Blackfire, a native of Tamaran, became its warrior queen? Blackfire’s intense jealousy of her little sister Starfire led to their mutual capture and transformation into super-siblings, and since 1982 these battling sisters have broken nails and bones in their tussles, including an outer-space scuffle in 2006.


Titania vs. She-Hulk:  During Marvel’s Secret Wars storyline (1984–1985), superstrong Titania beat green giantess She-Hulk into a coma, and ever since it’s been duck-and-cover for passersby whenever these two cross paths. One of the most unusual sites for one of their battles was a lingerie shop, where they tangled in 1992.


Talia vs. Scandal: Villains United #6 (2005) featured a killer catfight between the offspring of two immortals: Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, Talia, and Vandal Savage’s daughter, Scandal. While others “scrabble in the dirt,” these two rogues of royalty dueled in honor of their fathers.


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Truth or Dare

vagina-monologues-quoteHow do you tame your pink panther?

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Sticky Fingers

When do you do a sticky job lickety-split?

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