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Facebook Is Dead

The whole idea of building an online social network is a bit of a fraud. As social critic D.M. recently blogged, “The site has become a rabbit warren of the perverse, the sociopaths, and the lonely–all people who would rather communicate in a semi-anonymous online world instead of face-to-face.” The dirty little secret is that social networks are the playgrounds of people who do not want to be disturbed as they wander aimlessly through a self-centered universe. Do you really want to hook up with people you haven’t heard from or about in twenty-five years? And who cares about that picture of your pet parrot? There’s something scary about controlling your online identity. W6a00c22522e16b8fdb00d4142f52333c7f-200piho wants to be a part of a social networking site that bans breastfeeding photos and won’t let you remove a dead relative’s page, anyway?

Tell us what you think. Do you Facebook?

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Glad to Be Bad

cover_girl_01With all the hype about goin’ green, giving back, and making the world a better place, we’d rather indulge in our self-indulgence, and celebrate the Bad Girl. What totally all-about-me personal splurge-binge do you covet at all costs? We’re taking our cue from Grouchy Grrrl #13 who cut up her husband’s collection of ’80s concerts T-shirts and retooled them as mini-skirts  . . . and Buxom Babe #18 who traded in her boyfriend’s Frequent Flyer Miles and flew herself and her BFF’s to London for the weekend . . .  and—our favorite—Devlish Devin, who pulled a switcheroo on her sister’s makeup bag and scored with her trademark scarlet lipstick. Ladies, please do tell about your most Glad to Be Bad experience.

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