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Ruby Begonia Hair Studio                                               

now offers the

Ultimate de frizzing and smoothing treatment.


  A Totally Dynamite Smoothing Treatment!

Book Now price ranges from $125 – $325

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We’d like to thank the Parent Experiment for hosting their Mommy Makeover Contest and Choosing SUPERVIXEN USA BEAUTY BOOTCAMP to carry out this mission.

We took our winning Mom from Bedraggled to Bombshell in a Hollywood Minute

Check out the results on theparentexperiment.com podcast debuting just in time for Mother’s Day: Friday, May 7, 2010!

Give it up for these beauties who saved the day!

• Rachel McArthur of Dermadream, our skin doctor

• Nicole Venables of Ruby Bagonia Hair Studio and SupervixenUSA

• Gina Misiroglu, co-creator of SupervixenUSA

• Lisa Person of Robb OPI Concept Salon

• Tricia Sawyer, of Tricia Sawyer Beauty, entrepreneur and makeup artist to the stars

• Svetlana Feller, of Spray di Sole Organic Spray Tanning and Teeth Whitening

• Deborah Lindquist, Green Queen celebrity fashion designer

• Safia Day, innovative jewelry designer for SAFIA

• Ashley Snavely, Personal Chef and Girl Friday (and Saturday and Sunday, too)!

And, a super-sized salute to our behind-the-scenes producers:

• Kathee Schneider Misraje, ACE Broadcasting

• Maddy Agopian, ACE Broadcasting

. . . And our dedicated camera crew!

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