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fashionably fit…

Always remember to be inspired at all times.

 What sport are you into? and please give us a few tips… oops!  We mean TRICKS!


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Accessorize your Body

Mystery lies beneath your daily costume.  Try wearing a secret, sexy something.  Decorate and integrate.  Bedazzle your body with a hidden tattoo, a sparkle, or a clue.

Of  “CORSETS ” Fabulous!

So much fun, playful and alluring—even if it’s just for you!  Do it and share!

Just  in time for V-Day! Be a V-Day Bomb . . .

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animal kingdom

Dita’s passion for fashion… 

Build your flare with inspiration collages.

What inspires you?

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In a New York Minute…

Shoe Shine... Boots Divine!

Off the plane and running…

In a New York Minute you are plugged in… The pulse of a city… Wher everything is a beat away… 

Better…Bigger… Bolder…

Polish my boots, my nails and my persona all in one fell swoop!

Meetings to make-it, break-it and shake-it!

Hit the streets running … 

All done up till sunup!



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Don’t miss the next Secret Society of Supervixens  . . . hosted at your favorite back-alley joint, Ruby Begonia . . . Friday, December 11th

Kick-start your holiday fun with a personal day of pampering that’s All About YOU!

We’re featuring:

Luscious Locks from Nicole, Glistening Tans and Teeth from Spray di Sole, Lash Tinting Supreme, Luminous Laser and Specialty “Lip Bumps” from Erica, Card Readings from Norma and Stacy, Cashmere by Deborah Lindquist, and Injectible Plumpables by Chrissy.

Customize your treatment by choosing a-la-carte services that we’ve handcrafted for you. Andrea promises to bake her super-surprise cookies. If you take a moment to blog on the day of, we’ll reach into our goody-bag of tricks and gift you with a beauty surprise ($150 value).

As you can imagine, hosting such a faboo event takes tons of super-planning, so book in early.

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Upstairs at “The Beauty Bar”

tres-bombshell[1]Bombshells Indulge, November 13, 2009

Who said anything about Friday the 13th being an unlucky day!? For Clever, Classy Cothruns it’s a day of indulgence, beauty, and chit-chat. Don’t forget, there will be plenty to do, buy, and sample—and compare notes with your latest BFF.

Any service you can think of (well, almost any) is available at the Beauty Bar. So, if you haven’t booked in yet, you need to go home and cry—because we are booked to the brim. If you beg, we may be able to squeeze you in somewhere! (Bribes work, too.) If you are one of the Lucky Lindys, then you should pat yourself on the bottom for booking in early and absorbing a thing or two about the last little talk on time management!

See you Friday!

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SURPRISE!  I'm Smart and Sexy...

SURPRISE! I'm Smart and Sexy...

Damn It! 

Where the hell’s John when I need him?

O-kay…  I can do this! 

Remain Calm, Cool and Collected!

Some great gal once said, “Self Esteem comes with doing Esteemable Acts.”

Are you changing the tire, or is the tire changing you?

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