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Re-Think colors- Black and Navy are tried and true.. pop em with a dose of primary hues and unleash the unexpected!

Contrast, Layers and Blending Textures can add a striking punch.

Accessories Luxe it up.  Even suddle adornments can be exciting.

Learn the Art of day-to-night transformation.

Remember… always strut your own runway!


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SURPRISE!  I'm Smart and Sexy...

SURPRISE! I'm Smart and Sexy...

Damn It! 

Where the hell’s John when I need him?

O-kay…  I can do this! 

Remain Calm, Cool and Collected!

Some great gal once said, “Self Esteem comes with doing Esteemable Acts.”

Are you changing the tire, or is the tire changing you?

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Rapunzel, Look Out!

Want hair straight out of a fairytale? Clip on these natural extensions.

Giddy-Up, Pony Girl!

Giddy-Up, Pony Girl!

That Rapunzel. Gorgeous, flowing locks, never a split end, and a prince who wouldn’t let go. Well, Sister Golden Hair, you’ve got competition. We’ve found a way to get our own princess-perfect manes in minutes. Superstar Hollywood stylists Janine Rath-Thompson and Nicole Venable have cast their hairy–er, fairy wands upon Starlox, their all-natural (European-sourced) and surprisingly affordable line of DIY extensions. Try these on for size:

Hair chandeliers–Puny ponytail? These extenders wrap through your existing pony and “blow it up.” See one on Sandra Bullock in The Proposal.

Shocklox–Feeling wild? Do what the American Idol contestants do: Snap on one of these rainbow extensions. Bubblegum pink, tangerine, or grape, anyone?

The “Ring of Fire”–Get tressed up by clipping on a full ring of extra length that hides under your own hair. 

So, Rapunzel, now it’s your turn to measure up.

To order yours today, go to http://www.starlox.com

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About Supervixen

In a no-bullshit, gritty girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, authors and speakers Gina Misiroglu and Nicole Venables draw on their combined years as celebrity image-makers to motivate women to take charge of their lives. Promising a “Bond-girl body and bad-ass attitude,” their books, workshops, and empowerment sessions serve up the best-kept makeover secrets in Hollywood—designed to revamp, revive, and retool mind, body, and soul. Although transformations vary—a deeper shade of red, a latex bra, scheduling lunch hours at the gun club—each brings a new vision of what a girl can become, and that’s empowering. By following Gina and Nicole’s coveted, cutting-edge tactical maneuvers, women reject the safe for the daring, fend off the bottom-feeders, and rock the world.

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