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Coconut oil is affordable and all natural. It’s healing properties are readily absorbed into the skin and hair shaft.  It’s benefits are numerous.

 Dry hair and Scalp issues warrant amazing results even with one application. Coconut oil also reduces fine lines, hydrates and smoothes skin.

At room temperatureCO is easy to work with(store in fridge after opening to keep from turning rancid). Take a dab(a little goes along way) and mesage into scalp, skin and hair. Rinse if desired, or leave in.

You can find it at most grociery stores and wholefood markets.

Let us know how this works for you!

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Often used for healing tendon and ligament injuries…

NOW a “cutting-edge” Cosmetic Treatment that

Regenerates and Repairs aging skin by injecting

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

* Taking your Blood -Spun in a Centrifuge which automatically produces PRP 

which then is injected into your face or weakened area thus providing new collagen developement stimulating tightening, strengthening and thickening of areas.  A perfect solution and may eliminate the need for more aggressive treatments and surgeries.

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2 Favorites for a Vagina Party Foul!

Camel toes, while extremely attractive to some men given that it is being showcased by a woman of the adequate hotness, can be pretty embarrassing. But not anymore. Today, it seems that the internet has exploded with excitement over two new products that will surely put an end to vaginal asphyxiation.

Ladies, meet CamelAmmo and Camelflage.

Both products are generally the same idea, but one is far sleeker and requires less construction.

CamelAmmo is basically a little card that a woman can slide in their panties, thus keeping the underwear flat and preventing the vagina from sucking them in as it desperately sucks in air after a long night of clubbing.

Camelflague is essentially the same idea as CamelAmmo, but much more intuitive. Rather than slipping a card around your choochie , the panties themselves have a ridged panty liner pre-sown in to the fabric that, much like the Camel Ammo, prevents your heaving cooter from trying to ingest your underwear.

This is a truly marvelous day for vaginas everywhere!

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Ruby Begonia Hair Studio                                               

now offers the

Ultimate de frizzing and smoothing treatment.


  A Totally Dynamite Smoothing Treatment!

Book Now price ranges from $125 – $325

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Back by popular demand!



and of course SUNSCREEN!

Always be prepared for any wild ride!  It’s your mission…

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Transformations Vary…

Power Up!

Packaging and Presentation is everything!



Sometimes you just gotta…
 “Get your FREAK on!”

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Shockingly enough  women go to many lengths to protect their vices.  What are you doing and how far will you go?

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Break the Bench . . .

. . . and we’re not talking about the one in Central Park. Your workout bench, medicine ball, or Thigh Buster used you to be your best friends. But now we’re into strapping on our ankle weights and navigating rooftops and mountaintops.  Whether it’s aerial arts, power pilates, or Cardio Barre—we love to work our glutes. Custom workout sessions with back-room private trainers are all the rage, but what about some old-fashioned sparring, deep-sea diving, or mountainbiking? Tell us what you to get your pump up and your game on . . .

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sexy cookingDonnatella Domestic Bella…

What’s your secret to fast, guilt-free and juicy dishes?

Serve it up!

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Facebook Is Dead

The whole idea of building an online social network is a bit of a fraud. As social critic D.M. recently blogged, “The site has become a rabbit warren of the perverse, the sociopaths, and the lonely–all people who would rather communicate in a semi-anonymous online world instead of face-to-face.” The dirty little secret is that social networks are the playgrounds of people who do not want to be disturbed as they wander aimlessly through a self-centered universe. Do you really want to hook up with people you haven’t heard from or about in twenty-five years? And who cares about that picture of your pet parrot? There’s something scary about controlling your online identity. W6a00c22522e16b8fdb00d4142f52333c7f-200piho wants to be a part of a social networking site that bans breastfeeding photos and won’t let you remove a dead relative’s page, anyway?

Tell us what you think. Do you Facebook?

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