Coconut oil is affordable and all natural. It’s healing properties are readily absorbed into the skin and hair shaft.  It’s benefits are numerous.

 Dry hair and Scalp issues warrant amazing results even with one application. Coconut oil also reduces fine lines, hydrates and smoothes skin.

At room temperatureCO is easy to work with(store in fridge after opening to keep from turning rancid). Take a dab(a little goes along way) and mesage into scalp, skin and hair. Rinse if desired, or leave in.

You can find it at most grociery stores and wholefood markets.

Let us know how this works for you!

Lock yourself in the bathroom for 20 minutes of quiet hot-bath-with-favorite read-scented-candles me time!

Run to the bank and withdraw $1000 for you and your favorite sidekick to go mud bathing and detoxing in_____________ {fill in the city of your choice}.

Take an evening out– an 80’s band revival concert, an off Broadway show, or a midnight showing of Repo Girl!

Thow a historical bash… (a masquerade or exotic cuisine).

Keep it simple and brand a new look from head to toe. Splurge and definately grab those must have peep-toe booties!

The Summer Press for “The Expendables” National and International Tour
was over-the-top Super Success!  
Behind the scene in Paris… with Elizabeth Bass (LEFT Costume Designer/Stylist) Molly Mitchell ( RIGHT Stylist and Blogger of Frocked and Delicious) & Nicole Venables (CENTER Hairstylist)

Come Join Us for After-Summer Clean Up!

It’s always a pleasure to do the do at Ms. Nicoles.

Up this week:

Any- and Everything Hair!

Specialty Foot Detox and Energy Healing!

Refirme and Vella Smooth Laser Treatments!

Organic Spray Tanning!

Custom Lashes and Brows!

Injectible Delectibles!

Baubles Galore!

Book in Now—11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M


Re-Think colors- Black and Navy are tried and true.. pop em with a dose of primary hues and unleash the unexpected!

Contrast, Layers and Blending Textures can add a striking punch.

Accessories Luxe it up.  Even suddle adornments can be exciting.

Learn the Art of day-to-night transformation.

Remember… always strut your own runway!


Wonder Woman’s costume changes over the years…

 Big News!  After almost 70 years, Wonder Woman is getting an extreme makeover!  

We think she’s throwing back a shot of “Bad-Ass”!!!

Can’t wait to see her unveiled!

Heard anything?


Often used for healing tendon and ligament injuries…

NOW a “cutting-edge” Cosmetic Treatment that

Regenerates and Repairs aging skin by injecting

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

* Taking your Blood -Spun in a Centrifuge which automatically produces PRP 

which then is injected into your face or weakened area thus providing new collagen developement stimulating tightening, strengthening and thickening of areas.  A perfect solution and may eliminate the need for more aggressive treatments and surgeries.

2 Favorites for a Vagina Party Foul!

Camel toes, while extremely attractive to some men given that it is being showcased by a woman of the adequate hotness, can be pretty embarrassing. But not anymore. Today, it seems that the internet has exploded with excitement over two new products that will surely put an end to vaginal asphyxiation.

Ladies, meet CamelAmmo and Camelflage.

Both products are generally the same idea, but one is far sleeker and requires less construction.

CamelAmmo is basically a little card that a woman can slide in their panties, thus keeping the underwear flat and preventing the vagina from sucking them in as it desperately sucks in air after a long night of clubbing.

Camelflague is essentially the same idea as CamelAmmo, but much more intuitive. Rather than slipping a card around your choochie , the panties themselves have a ridged panty liner pre-sown in to the fabric that, much like the Camel Ammo, prevents your heaving cooter from trying to ingest your underwear.

This is a truly marvelous day for vaginas everywhere!

Ruby Begonia Hair Studio                                               

now offers the

Ultimate de frizzing and smoothing treatment.


  A Totally Dynamite Smoothing Treatment!

Book Now price ranges from $125 – $325

We’d like to thank the Parent Experiment for hosting their Mommy Makeover Contest and Choosing SUPERVIXEN USA BEAUTY BOOTCAMP to carry out this mission.

We took our winning Mom from Bedraggled to Bombshell in a Hollywood Minute

Check out the results on theparentexperiment.com podcast debuting just in time for Mother’s Day: Friday, May 7, 2010!

Give it up for these beauties who saved the day!

• Rachel McArthur of Dermadream, our skin doctor

• Nicole Venables of Ruby Bagonia Hair Studio and SupervixenUSA

• Gina Misiroglu, co-creator of SupervixenUSA

• Lisa Person of Robb OPI Concept Salon

• Tricia Sawyer, of Tricia Sawyer Beauty, entrepreneur and makeup artist to the stars

• Svetlana Feller, of Spray di Sole Organic Spray Tanning and Teeth Whitening

• Deborah Lindquist, Green Queen celebrity fashion designer

• Safia Day, innovative jewelry designer for SAFIA

• Ashley Snavely, Personal Chef and Girl Friday (and Saturday and Sunday, too)!

And, a super-sized salute to our behind-the-scenes producers:

• Kathee Schneider Misraje, ACE Broadcasting

• Maddy Agopian, ACE Broadcasting

. . . And our dedicated camera crew!

Back by popular demand!



and of course SUNSCREEN!

Always be prepared for any wild ride!  It’s your mission…

Power Up!

Packaging and Presentation is everything!



Sometimes you just gotta…
 “Get your FREAK on!”

fashionably fit…

Always remember to be inspired at all times.

 What sport are you into? and please give us a few tips… oops!  We mean TRICKS!

Mystery lies beneath your daily costume.  Try wearing a secret, sexy something.  Decorate and integrate.  Bedazzle your body with a hidden tattoo, a sparkle, or a clue.

Of  “CORSETS ” Fabulous!

So much fun, playful and alluring—even if it’s just for you!  Do it and share!

Just  in time for V-Day! Be a V-Day Bomb . . .

Shockingly enough  women go to many lengths to protect their vices.  What are you doing and how far will you go?

animal kingdom

Dita’s passion for fashion… 

Build your flare with inspiration collages.

What inspires you?

Shoe Shine... Boots Divine!

Off the plane and running…

In a New York Minute you are plugged in… The pulse of a city… Wher everything is a beat away… 

Better…Bigger… Bolder…

Polish my boots, my nails and my persona all in one fell swoop!

Meetings to make-it, break-it and shake-it!

Hit the streets running … 

All done up till sunup!



Don’t miss the next Secret Society of Supervixens  . . . hosted at your favorite back-alley joint, Ruby Begonia . . . Friday, December 11th

Kick-start your holiday fun with a personal day of pampering that’s All About YOU!

We’re featuring:

Luscious Locks from Nicole, Glistening Tans and Teeth from Spray di Sole, Lash Tinting Supreme, Luminous Laser and Specialty “Lip Bumps” from Erica, Card Readings from Norma and Stacy, Cashmere by Deborah Lindquist, and Injectible Plumpables by Chrissy.

Customize your treatment by choosing a-la-carte services that we’ve handcrafted for you. Andrea promises to bake her super-surprise cookies. If you take a moment to blog on the day of, we’ll reach into our goody-bag of tricks and gift you with a beauty surprise ($150 value).

As you can imagine, hosting such a faboo event takes tons of super-planning, so book in early.

. . . and we’re not talking about the one in Central Park. Your workout bench, medicine ball, or Thigh Buster used you to be your best friends. But now we’re into strapping on our ankle weights and navigating rooftops and mountaintops.  Whether it’s aerial arts, power pilates, or Cardio Barre—we love to work our glutes. Custom workout sessions with back-room private trainers are all the rage, but what about some old-fashioned sparring, deep-sea diving, or mountainbiking? Tell us what you to get your pump up and your game on . . .

tres-bombshell[1]Bombshells Indulge, November 13, 2009

Who said anything about Friday the 13th being an unlucky day!? For Clever, Classy Cothruns it’s a day of indulgence, beauty, and chit-chat. Don’t forget, there will be plenty to do, buy, and sample—and compare notes with your latest BFF.

Any service you can think of (well, almost any) is available at the Beauty Bar. So, if you haven’t booked in yet, you need to go home and cry—because we are booked to the brim. If you beg, we may be able to squeeze you in somewhere! (Bribes work, too.) If you are one of the Lucky Lindys, then you should pat yourself on the bottom for booking in early and absorbing a thing or two about the last little talk on time management!

See you Friday!

sexy cookingDonnatella Domestic Bella…

What’s your secret to fast, guilt-free and juicy dishes?

Serve it up!

Explicit and Implicit!  No Limits!
Explicit and Implicit! No Limits!

It’s  all  about strategy!

Get a map! Get a guide!

You can do, be, or have anything!
Let us know how you navigate with your GPS power on!
the provacative nature of reading

the provacative nature of reading

Literary minded Babes  forming book clubs are an evolving genre.  Where “Chick-Lit”  is a movement, a community, a culture, an obsession…

Share – Discuss – Debate

An age-old phenomenon—”The Power of the Written Word”.

Peek into cultures, characters, fashion, or food. Love that mind candy!

victim or perpetrator?

victim or perpetrator?

It’s happening all around us.  Whether we read about it, witness or partake… 
Egos are are harnessed or tarnished. 
The tales are tall and small. 
Is H. G. H. The Ultimate Power Punch?

Is H. G. H. The Ultimate Power Punch?

Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Is this the new “Fountain of Youth”?

HGH—a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in a full-fledged way during our youth, it slows in production as we age.  Therapeutic doses claim to reverse aging by increasing high levels of the hormone in the body.  This MAGIC ELIXIR may be found in oral drops & sprays, injectables, cremes, and supplemental forms.

Will you join the bandwagon and experiment—or not?!

Proven to Eliminate Wrinkles, Reduce Body Fat, Eliminate Cellulite, Reduce Stress ,and Improve Sleep —these are a few promises from the professionals.

Could this possible mean less beauty and cosmetic treatments?  Is this the twenty-first-century all-in-one replacement?

Research show celebrities—Oprah Winfrey and Sylvester Stallone to name two— believe in these superpower amino acids.  As the press is rolling in, devotees swear by their HGH. Clinics are filled to the brim with dedicated salutees!

PERIDOT aliviates anger & jealousy while attracting abundance & prosperity

PERIDOT aliviates anger & jealousy while attracting abundance & prosperity

Get Your Rocks Off! 

SUPERVIXENOLOGY…a treasured culture

POWER is the Law of  Inspired Intention.

Seduced by gems, astrology,   numerology, cards or mediums?

How do you build your personal resume, make a statement and translate your story? 



Female superheroes. Superheroines. Supervixens. Femme Fatales. Uber-vamps. Supertramps.

They have a seemingly impossible  job on the pages of those comics and on the silver screen. While it’s perfectly acceptable for Wolverine to resemble a wild animal, Sue Storm must look great when freeing hostages from a 40-story-building which, by the way, is on fire and has a hidden bomb inside that is set to detonate in 12 minutes.

 But warrior women like Ms. Storm—from Wonder Woman to Elektra to Xena to Ripley to Mrs. Smith—have won a die-hard fan following among women in the last decade because, in addition to being sexy, they are strong, in control, smart, and successful. Lara Croft may have originated as pure male fantasy—a buxom video game character with impossible proportions—but on the big screen, she is, as one critic put it, “erudite, well-traveled, a working photojournalist, and goes home at night to a house worthy of Architectural Digest.”

 It is too simplistic to dismiss contemporary comic books and their depictions of women as unrealistic or sexist. In the most provocative storylines, beauty is more than physical appearance, it always involves inner strength and moral fortitude.  And, extremes of the superheroine as sex object aside, over the course of the last 50 years supervixens have—like real-life women—clawed their way from one-dimensionality to prominence. 

 Join our sultry sirens on the catwalk of life.  Tell us which vixens inspire you and why.

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 Skydiving is like anal sex.

Like it or not, everyone should try it at least once.

Revamp – Revise – Renew!

This is the “Re” Century so Re-tool- Re-bound and Re-invent RELENTLESSLY!

Beauty is POWER!

How do you Power-Up?

Vajazzle process

“Vadazzling your Vajayjay is a hot trend. From crystal flowers to customized diamond disco ball favorites, you too can now decorate your own private jewels! Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want a cupcake sparkle surprise, you can choose from an assortment of real Swarovski crystal designs so you can shimmer and shine.”

How do you serve up your jewel box?